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COVID-19 UPDATE: Learn More about how Allver Shop is responding, and about recent updates.
COVID-19 UPDATE: Learn More about how Allver Shop is responding, and about recent updates.

COVID-19 Update: How Allver Shop is responding?

Last Update: Tuesday, April 14th, 2020


To our valued customers,

Like so many of you, we have spent the last several days and weeks learning about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it is impacting our world. For Allver Shop, that means understanding how it affects our employees, customers and communities, and then making the necessary adjustments to our work and operations.


Can I place an order? Will AllverShop deliver the package?
Yes, Allver Shop's activities are currently continuing. However, delivery times may be longer than usual. As COVID-19 has spread, we have seen an increase in people shopping online. To serve our customers while also helping to ensure the safety of our associates, we have changed our logistics, transportation, supply chain, purchasing, and third-party seller processes to prioritize stocking and delivering items that are a higher priority for our customers. This has resulted in some of our delivery promises being longer than usual.


Is it safe to receive orders?
For guidance on Coronavirus, please refer to the World Health Organization website.


How our customers and their orders are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak?

Due to the fast growth of online shopping demand, and high customer activity, our website can perform slower than usual, and even in rare occasions, it might be down due to servers performing in their maximum capacity. If our website does not load or respond, we ask our customers to be patient, while we are working hard to make sure our customers can easily access our website, and purchase their desired item, conveniently. 


Fulfilment and shipping times are slower than usual, due to the extremely high demand for online shopping in the United States.

We are currently experiencing an unexpected increased number of orders, which means the average timing for fulfilment and shipping has decreased to the majority of our customers. We have updated our Shipping Policy, temporarily until the COCID-19 pandemic situation is over, which business can start operating normally. 


As of April 1st, 2020, any new orders placed on, the following policies will apply to those orders:

  • The money-back-guarantee for late delivery will change to 90 days, instead of 60 days. This means if 90 days is passed since the day of your order confirmation, if you still haven't been delivered to your shipping address, you will be able to receive a full refund, no questions asked. You need to contact us in order to request a refund. 
  • Fulfilment can take up to 10 business days, instead of 1-3 business days. This means you might not be able to receive your tracking number, until 10 business days after you have placed your order.

We understand this is a hard situation for our customers, and Allver Shop Team is working harder than before to try to inform our customers with their order status, fulfill their orders as fast and possible, and ensure our customers receive their ordered item, as fast as possible.


I have contacted Allver Shop customer service, but I still haven't received a response.

Please accept our apology if you still haven't received a response from our customer service team. Due to the high number of customer inquiries, you might see some delays in our customer service specialist response. We are working harder than before to make sure we help and answer our customers' questions, in a timely manner.


How is responding?

We have one simple objective that guides us: keeping you and our employees safe. This has been at the centre of our conversations every step of the way. With that in mind, we have made several moves in our business in response to the threat of the coronavirus, such as loosening employee taking work days off, staying at home. This will be the reason for delayed customer service response, delayed processing times for items, and delayed shipping times in general. 

We are closely following the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines and recommendations on the steps we can take to help prevent the spread of the virus. We have shared specific instructions with our employees on the importance of washing their hands and staying home if they feel sick or are returning from an area of the world identified as posing a coronavirus-related risk. Per CDC recommendations, we will ask employees who have travelled to such locations or have been exposed to others who have travelled to such locations to self-quarantine for 14 days.

A strict travel policy for our employees is in place, and we have cancelled meetings with large gatherings, again to do what we can to help prevent the spread of the illness.


Why Allver Shop is not selling on-demand necessary medical supplies (such as N95 masks, hand sanitizer etc.) to its' customers online?

Allver Shop has made a hard decision to temporarily stop selling necessary medical supplies to customers, due to the high demand for medical supplies from hospitals, medical centres, long term/retirement home, and vulnerable people. Allver Shop is working hard to deliver the necessary medical and other supplies to the urgent areas in need.


We thank all of our customers for their understanding of our situation. We are all in this together, and only all of us together can flatten the curve. Please stay safe, be kind, wash your hands and practise social distancing.


We will continue to closely monitor the situation and do all we can to protect you and our employees. If you may have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email,


Allver Shop Inc. Press Centre

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